Friday, 10 October 2008

Thigh High Trend, hot or not?

Let me start off by apologising for my serious lack of posting recently. Uni this year has been crazier than I thought and I just need to figure out some better time management.

OK, so we all know that one of this Autumn 08's many trends are the thigh high boots, some love it some hated, and I truly never thought it would catch on but my boyfriend informed me today that he has seen girls 'hanging out' in thigh highs at his university.
I can't believe it! I really dislike this trend, it's a shame but there are just some boots that make you look slutty more than fashionista. Mariah's Laboutins look the best out of the trio but I think Rhianna crossed the line.
What's your opinion on this trend?
Hot or Not?


  1. I like it, but it's gotta be the right boot. Riri is far to stripper. I prefer them black, brown or tan, with a chunky heel to tone down the sexiness and maybe a little slouchy too.

  2. I've never really liked this look, I just don't think it looks very flattering, But if i had to choose a style out of the thigh high boots, i like the black ones you can find with lots of shiny buckles. but arrghh! they just annoy me so much lol!!!

    nad xxx