Sunday, 24 January 2010

Favourite Menswear so far

Juun J
Rick Owens
Burberry Prorsum
Jean Paul Gaultier
John Galliano
Gianfranco Ferre
Swooshy coats gallore at Dior
The live screening of the Dior show, although I wish they had done close ups, a lot of the details were lost.

Absolutely loving the menswear collections so far! Menswear is becoming so exciting! Last season Katie Eary was my favourite, this year I am definately excited about Aitor Throup.
Have been watching Juun J closely also, the sheer garments last season and now beautiful leathers with lots of zips, pockets and fuss. I love fussy garments!
Lots of variations of the trench this season, Burberry hit the nail on the head as always. The blue assymetric one is a favourite.
Galliano, of course, blew me away! Which ones do you like best so far?


  1. I am also loving how exciting menswear has become recently,
    Galliano was awesome, Dior was slick and gorgeous, really excited about Juun J and love you Rick but leave the snakeskin back in the 90's where it belongs! haha

  2. I totally agree! The snakeskin boots did not belong!

  3. love some of those first pieces!!


  4. Loved Burberry and Rick Owens, thought that beside the assimetrycal jackets were cool Dior Homme sucked! :D

    Thanks for the comment girl, i love your blog!


  5. snake skin boots? hmmm. I'm ok with that.

    Some of these remind me of Lord of the Rings...

  6. wow, fabulous menswearrrrr!! ooh lala!

    nad xx

  7. I love the colors used for juun- mixing the tan and oxblood leather with the black... but nothing compares to Rick Owens, he's still the epitome of constructed gritty (snakeskin and all)!

    Love Love Love Dior coats!