Friday, 5 March 2010


Autumn/Winter for A.F Vandevorst is where it's at.
I adore their abstract styling of facial harnesses and bolted carboard armour plates and boots that look like old false legs, that disguise a very wearable collection underneath.
The collection started out in beautiful full beige colours, moving through to black, maroon and then red, a random fushia outfit and back to black. Pieces were strapped together with tripple belts, draped and chalked. One model left a cloud of chalk dust as she pivoted at the end of the runway!
A beautiful collection, although I didn't entirely understand the chalk board pieces, I love the idea of messing garments up and sending them down to come back and be washed and back to normal again. Definately adds something extra to this collection.

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  1. perfection. want that black with white typo/spot covered outfit (the left one). no, they're all beautiful!