Sunday, 3 April 2011


Photographer: Saga Sig
Stylist: Jessica Hannan
Stylist's Assistant: Osman Ahmed
Model: Chloe Memisevic
Make Up: Andriani Vasiliou

The beautiful Chloe Memisevic in this new Volt Mag editorial. I love the range of young designers used like Fanny and the Cave and Bitching and Junkfood; even the random things used like 'underwear from a Bangkok vending machine'. Too amazing.


  1. Very cute that post!! follow my blog!

  2. This is so cool... really raw... actually it's so raw it's making me feel a little scared. Jkkkk... it's awesome. I love the heavy embellishment next to the bare skin. Wish more editorials were a bit more natural and not so overdone with every last item being sourced from some obnoxious big brand. I could kind of see you with some big thick fishnets poking out of your white AD leather wedges.... xx

  3. I don't actually like this model at all. I'm sure she's naturally skinny like that but god, she looks malnourished!