Thursday, 15 December 2011


Wearing: Won Hundred coat, Antipodium knit, Complex Geometries skirt, Alexander Wang shoes, Tom Ford Malin sunnies 
This Won Hundred coat has proven to be a coat I can't live without; it's thick, warm and has such deep pockets, I can leave the house without needing to take a bag. Score! Also, I realise my new shoes aren't overly complimented by the thick fleece lined winter tights, but it's super cold in London at the moment - until it warms up a bit this is how it goes. If only my Wangs were fleece lined!
Photos by Alexxsia 


  1. those shoessss...the toe box is a perfect sort-of pointed shape and the color is dreamy. stay warm!

  2. The next time we meet we'll have to call first. I don't want to turn up in the same shoes. You pull them off so much better than I do. Gorgeousity. x

  3. lovely outfit!<3
    the place is great!<3

  4. i loooooooove the coat!

  5. The Wangs! Heart. Hard to wear pale shoes with dark tights though. x