Friday, 22 June 2012


 A few weeks ago I invited the Muse TV into my home to show them some of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe. Like my favourite Ann Demeulemeester dress that I would save from the burning building, and of course some Charlie May pieces! 

I hope you enjoy and have a good weekend!

Thanks Simon, Darryl and team of Muse TV!


  1. Wow, your wardrobe is incredible! do you often find things on ebay like that gorgeous cluth? those sunglasses are amazing! the leather jacket seems very simple but well tailored- awesome job!
    You come off as a really nice and approachable person, it makes me love your blog even more!

  2. I love this post. It's so amazing that you barely have any colour on your wardrobe, more neutrals than anything. I love your style, therefore I lust after your wardrobe.

  3. Just found your blog and I like it!
    you have a new follower... wanna follow me, too?

  4. you're simply gorgeous, charlie may!

  5. I think we need to develop hilarious chic accents to go with our wardrobes. Along the lines of Diane Pernet...

    1. kinda like a persona that goes with ur style lol
      omg i love this vid of u, very natural, very cool and chic and comes off really friendly! good job babe!

      still love hearing ur accent! woohoooo--

      xx nathan.niche


    2. Haha, I have such an accent in this video!

  6. I absolutely loved this! Every single item you were pulling out of your wardrobe, I was just like "oooh I love that, I love that" I love how distinguished your style is and how it might only be limited to a few colours but you always make each look new and fresh, I am also one of the many people that have fallen in love with the white leather jacket, want want want! x

  7. Nice interview! As somebody whose wardrobe is full of colour, it is always interesting to see how monochrome many other bloggers' wardrobes can be and yet still be so interesting, I think literally everything you pulled out I absolutely adored. I'm sure I have said it before, but THAT jacket...! I think I will have to come to the personal orders to check everything out in the flesh!

  8. Oh and I forgot to mention how your Chanel dress is too chic