Sunday, 29 July 2012


Sorry for kind of dropping off the face of the earth this week, I've been busy blogging for Puma, which I'm very excited about; posts will be emerging soon enough! In the meantime here are some outfits I shot with Kit Lee this week for Jackie Dixon's Show Me Your Wardrobe. Some of my favourite outfits at the moment and always black and white, it's only when I laid my five outfits on the bed that I thought oh jeez! I've got a monochrome addiction.
Thank you so much Kit and Jackie for featuring me! 


  1. JEEZ LOUISE Charlie you have the best monochromatic wardrobe I know of. You're always the most dramatic person in the room. Under Lexxi arrives, of course.

  2. The skirt in the first picture, wow! I love it. Always beautiful!

    Daniel x

  3. ahh I love your style! It's so simplistic yet really interesting :-)

    Francesca xo

  4. Your style is perfection. I love how strong your aesthetic is...
    How do you keep it so minimal and chic??!!
    The Lovelorn

  5. You are so so amazing! I love all of your outfits... namely your taste in shoes xo

  6. Love how monochrome you are! seriously loving the fourth look! :D
    and love your shoes and accessories the best.
    oh btw I changed from STYLE NICHE to THE PROVOKER.COM so if you followed me bloglovin' before it wouldn't show updates, so here's the new link to it:

    xx nathan.niche