Friday, 2 April 2010

Forme d’expression

Koeun Park owns the company Factory of Faith.
Her line Forme 3’3204322896, pronounced “Forme d’expression,” is created by decoding numeric orders that make up the “Helvetica-Fraction” font.
Much like the clothing it represents, the name is about conversion and individuality. Garments should be able to stand on their own and at the same time “evolve, as the owner’s life does,” Park says. “The numbers can be anyone’s own interpretation. I wanted to leave it up to their own imagination, like the numerous forms that will be produced each season, or year, or decade.”

Her unique approach to fashion may have grown out of her childhood aspirations of becoming a scientist or architect. “I love building up anything from flatness… Whatever has a mass can be distorted and elaborated into an unexpected volume. It’s scary to watch a plain rectangular piece of cloth drape itself into a wild tornado.”
Koeun Park has been likened to Ann Demeulemeester and I can see why, the clothes are absolutely beautiful. These pictures are from 2009/10 womens and menswear. I love that their lookbooks all flow together, just as the clothes do themselves.

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