Friday, 2 April 2010

Wkio's exclusive top 20 Fashion blogs

Every month Wikio gives an exclusive look of the new top 20 fashion blogs to a blogger of their choice. This month i'm very excited that it's A la Mode!
I'm glad Facehunter is number one, although I have to say I much prefer his visual diary Yvan Rodic.
I find visual diaries so much fun to read/look at. Over the next few weeks I want to transform my blog into not just fashion on the button, but a "lifestyle blog" filled with pictures and all sorts of exciting adventures. So watch this space xxx
1Face Hunter (=)
2Style Bubble (+1)
3Catwalk Queen (-1)
4Disneyrollergirl (+2)
5Vanessa Jackman (+14)
6Red Carpet Style Awards (-2)
7SHOWstudio (-2)
8Libertylondongirl (+5)
9Kingdom Of Style (-2)
10My Fashion Life (=)
11Shoewawa (-3)
12Park & Cube (+12)
13Coco's Tea Party (-1)
14Mademoiselle Robot (+2)
15Retro Chick (+3)
16Discotheque Confusion (-5)
17IsabelleOC (+126)
18Happy Because (-4)
20Shoegal (+2)

Ranking by Wikio

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